Legislative Policy Services


The Legislative Policy Coordinator/Project Manager is responsible for coordinating the city's legislative efforts and assisting with ongoing collaboration and outreach with stakeholders and partners across county, state and federal governments. This person is also responsible for a variety of ad hoc projects including community outreach and special assignments as directed by the city manager.

City of Spokane Valley Legislative Agendas

Each year, the City Council adopts state and federal legislative agendas that include policy statements and potential funding requests for projects.

State Legislative Agenda

Federal Legislative Agenda

How you can participate in the legislative process:

  • Register to vote, ensure your current registration is up-to-date and take time to prioritize voting in each election 
  • Monitor legislative actions by signing up for electronic notifications or following social media from local, state and federal government entities and elected officials
  • Attend or listen to live streams/recordings of public meetings
  • Provide feedback to your government agencies by attending town meetings and community forums, sending written communications or calling your representatives 
  • Watch WA State legislative hearings on TVW

To follow legislative efforts at all levels of government, it's important to know that the city is in District 4 of Spokane County, the 4th Legislative District in Washington State and in Washington’s 5th Congressional District. Visit these websites to learn more about who represents you at these levels of government.

City of Spokane Valley Legislative Efforts

In addition to adopting its legislative agendas, city officials meet throughout the year with elected officials and community partners to discuss issues and advocate for our legislative priorities.

Decisions made at the county, state and federal levels may have impacts upon our community, so the city takes a proactive approach to advocate for local control and for priorities that are in the best interest of our city. The public is encouraged to stay informed and participate in the process. See "How you can participate in the process" for more information. 

How the City advocates for our community:

  • Adopts annual state and federal legislative agendas
  • Shares and discusses legislative priorities with local, state and federal officials
  • Contracts for professional lobbying expertise
  • Monitors proposed legislation and provides feedback to support, improve or defeat bills, taking a position when appropriate
  • Applies for grant funding or budget requests to support projects such as park, road and utility improvements
  • Partners with Association of Washington Cities, Greater Spokane Inc. and the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce on advocacy efforts
  • City Council and senior staff represent the City of Spokane Valley community on local, regional and state boards, commissions and committees