Binding Site Plan

A Binding Site Plan (BSP) is a division of land for office, commercial, or industrial-zoned properties or a manufactured home park. A pre-application meeting with staff is required to discuss your proposal before a formal application is submitted. Additionally, lots may be established through a record of survey subsequent to the recording of the initial binding site plan. To find out more information, go to Section 20.60.040 in the Municipal Code. You will need the application listed as Establish Lots w/in a BSP Application to apply. 

Related Code

You can find the requirements for a BSP in the Spokane Valley Municipal Code (SVMC):

  • Section 20.20.090 - General Design provisions 
  • Section 20.30 - Preliminary Binding Site Plan (BSP) 
  • Section 20.40 - Final Binding Site Plan (BSP)

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