Land Disturbing Activities

Land Disturbing Activities

Land disturbing activities are regulated by Spokane Valley Municipal Code (SVMC) 24.50 and Chapter 5 of the Spokane Valley Street Standards which provide guidance for erosion and sediment control. The Land Disturbance permit is broken up into two main categories:

  • Clearing and grubbing, which includes, but it is not limited to, removing trees, stumps, roots, brush, structures, abandoned utilities, trash, debris, and all other material found on or near the surface of the ground in a construction area.
  • Grading, which is the physical manipulation of the earth’s surface and/or surface drainage pattern which includes surcharging, pre-loading, contouring, cutting, and/or filling. Grading activities fall into two general categories: engineered grading and regular grading.

The Land Disturbance Checklist (PDF) can be used determine what kind of permit is needed.

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