Appleway Trail


The trail begins at S. Farr Road and continues east to S. Tschirley Road. From there, users can continue on a paved path to Liberty Lake.

The 5.8 mile Appleway Trail is constructed on the old Milwaukee Railroad right of way, an east-to-west urban space that parallels the Sprague Avenue corridor. The trail provides a continuous shared-use, paved path through the heart of Spokane Valley. 


This trail is non-motorized and designed to provide all-abilities access for pedestrians, bicyclists and other users. It begins at N. Farr Road and Appleway Blvd. It travels east along Appleway to University Road, where it then utilizes the railroad right-of-way to Tschirley.

Trail users will find:

  • Dedicated parking for users at the following trail access points: University, Pines Road, Best Road and Tschirley.
  • A HAWK traffic signal is located at Pines Road to increase safety of trail users crossing Pines.
  • Flashing yellow beacons (with traffic islands in the center of the four lanes) at Evergreen and Sullivan Roads to increase safety for trail users crossing those streets.
  • Flashing yellow beacons (no islands) at Bowdish and McDonald Roads to increase safety for trail users crossing those streets.
  • Water stations at University, Blake, Conklin, Best and Tschirley access points to keep trail users hydrated.
  • Benches, garbage cans and pet waste stations are accessible along the trail at various locations.
  • Future amenities may include the development of exercise equipment, playgrounds, community gardens, food and drink vendors and other offerings along the trail, creating a "linear park."


After the Milwaukee rail track was removed many years ago, the right of way remained undeveloped and was held in reserve for future transportation needs by Spokane County. In 2012, the city secured a collaborative agreement with the county that allowed for development of a paved shared-use path through the property. 

The first section of trail was completed in 2015 with subsequent sections following per the city's ability to secure funding.

  • 2015: University to Pines constructed. See photos from the grand opening of the first trail section of trail here.
  • 2017: Pines to Evergreen Road constructed
  • 2018: Sullivan to Tschirley constructed
  • 2019: Additional amenities on University to Pines constructed
  • 2019-2020: Evergreen to Sullivan section constructed
  • 2021: N. Farr to University extension completed, adding paved .64 mile to the trail
  • In planning phase: trail connector to Balfour Park


The Appleway Trail was completed with funding acquired from federal and state grants, and dedicated city funds. This includes:

  • $6.1 million in state and federal grants
  • $2.9 million in dedicated City of Spokane Valley funds


In addition to its economic impact, the trail offers numerous other benefits:

  • Provides an accessible, safe alternative for pedestrians and bicyclists seeking east-west transportation options.
  • Creates a gathering place for friends and family, and fosters a sense of community.
  • Provides opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to improve their health through recreation.
  • Connects visitors and tourists who seek out recreational opportunities to local businesses.