Parks and Recreation Master Plan - 2019

Master Plan Front Page With Photos 2019 Final

This Parks and Recreation Master Plan 2019 (2019 Plan) updates the 2013 Parks and Recreation Master Plan (2013 Plan), reflecting changes in the community since that plan’s adoption.  The update is structured in a manner similar to the 2013 Plan, facilitating reference between the old and new.  Chapter topics and section numbering all match, with only those sections requiring amendment included in this update.  

Since adopting the 2013 Plan, the City has continued to focus on its core beliefs and values.  This focus has resulted in the implementation of several projects identified in the 2013 Plan as well as other community improvements.  The planning context for this 2019 Plan is a bit different than when the 2013 Plan was prepared, reflecting recent updates to the city’s comprehensive plan.