Planned Action Ordinance

Northeast Industrial Area Planned Action

Map Showing the Planned Area Ordinance BoundaryIn December of 2016, the City was awarded a competitive grant by the Washington State Department of Commerce for $114,200 to complete a planned action ordinance (PAO) for the Northeast Industrial Area (NIA). The area was identified as a community priority in the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) (PDF). See page 7-129 of the Comprehensive Plan.

In March of 2019, the City of Spokane Valley adopted the NIA-PAO. Chapter 21.60 of the Spokane Valley Municipal Code (SVMC). Projects that qualify as a planned action, can use the City’s completed environmental analysis under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), and therefore, are not subject to any additional mitigations, noticing, or appeals under SEPA, except as provided in SVMC 21.60.

Interested to see if your project might qualify? Please see SVMC 21.60.


The Northeast Industrial Area is located in the City of Spokane Valley’s northeast quadrant bounded by Flora Road on the west, Trent Avenue on the north, the Union Pacific line on the south and the city limits on the east. The approximate center of the project area can be further located at 47°41'32.2"N 117°09'48.2"W.

Planned Action Ordinance Benefits

Under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), a planned action ordinance is a way to have an environmental review of a specific geographic area before any permits have been filed. Projects that qualify as a planned action may use a streamlined permitting process. Being designated a planned action is voluntary and provides predictability and time savings for projects because planned actions do not require an additional processing under SEPA. This reduces time and cost for projects looking to locate in the area.

Impacts & Mitigations

The adopted Comprehensive Plan, FEIS, and development regulations project the intensity and amount of industrial development in the PAO. The PAO and associated environmental analysis further evaluates the projected industrial growth and identifies specific mitigation measures earlier in the development process and comprehensively.

The table below summarizes the impacts to the elements of the environment analyzed in the SEIS as well as the mitigation measures to address those impacts. A complete discussion of the elements of the environment considered can be found in Section 3 in the SEIS. The SEIS is available below.

Environmental Element

Air Quality

Increased industrial development is likely to increase impacts to air quality including ambient air quality, point source impacts, and increased motorized transportation emissions.

  • Use existing regulations for ambient air quality and transportation-related emissions.
  • Provide notice to agency(ies) responsible for point source pollution permits.

Surface Water and Water Runoff

Increased development on vacant land will increase impervious surface from rooftops, parking area, and access drives.

  • Stormwater facilities will comply with the Spokane Regional Stormwater Manual and use Best Management Practice (BMP) techniques to address stormwater.

Historic and Cultural Resources

Increased development will increase land disturbance activities. The area has been previously disturbed by homesteading, residential subdivisions, roadway construction, utilities, railroad lines, and major industrial development.

  • Require an inadvertent disturbance plan that includes procedures for the discovery of cultural materials and human skeletal material

Utility Provision

Increased development will require water, sewer, telecommunication, natural gas, and power.

  • Various improvements already identified in respective improvement programs (water and sewer).
  • Ensure adequate notice for potential projects during land use or building permit action.


Increased demand on various local and arterial streets.

  • Various transportation improvements, including grade separation of Barker, widening of Barker and Barker I-90 interchange


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