Development Engineering Design Standards and Codes

The Development Engineering Division is responsible for design review and construction inspection of the engineering components of private development projects.Division staff utilize the following long range plans, design standards and codes, and state laws to guide development in the city. 

Long Range Plans

Design Standards, Codes and Ordinances

Off-Street Parking and Loading Standards

Parking standards are to provide safe on-site circulation for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians and to provide adequate parking, pedestrian facilities, and access. You can find the requirements in the Spokane Valley Municipal Code (SVMC) 22.50.

Lighting Codes

The regulation of outdoor lighting discourages excessive lighting of outdoor spaces, encourages energy conservation, and prohibits lighting creating a nuisance for adjacent property owners. You can find the requirements in the SVMC 22.60.

Fencing, Screening & Landscaping Codes

The use of fencing and screening reduces visual, noise, and lighting impacts on adjacent properties and provides visual separation and physical buffers between land uses. It also serves to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community by eliminating dangerous conditions and preserving property values. You can find the requirements in the SVMC 22.70.

Clearview Sight Triangle Requirement

A clearview triangle is a measurement applied at the intersection of two streets or the intersection of an alley or commercial driveway and a street to ensure the unobstructed vision of motorists and pedestrians. Within the clearview triangle, the space between three and one-half feet and seven feet above the street, or three feet above the sidewalk, must be unobstructed. Neither residential, commercial, or industrial fencing, nor any sight obstruction including vegetation, which constitutes a hazard to the traveling public shall be permitted on any corner lot in any zone within the area designated as the "clearview triangle". You can find the requirements in the SVMC 22.70.020.

Spokane Transit Authority (STA)

State Regulations