Approach Permits

The city's Development Engineering Division reviews permits for approaches on public streets. A driveway approach is defined as the transition at the end of a private street or driveway where it connects to a public or private street. Driveway approaches on private streets do not require a permit. When the approach is part of a commercial development or land division then its construction is covered under the right-of-way permit process. Otherwise, a driveway approach permit is required.

Approach Requirements

Typically, approaches shall comply with the criteria specified below. However, complete approach requirements can be found in Section 7.8 of the Spokane Valley Street Standards and standard plans R-115 (PDF) and R-117 (PDF).

  • Minimum of 5 feet separation from a side property line
  • Minimum of 15 feet from the intersection curb arc for residential approaches and 75 feet minimum for commercial approaches
  • Minimum of 16 feet wide throat (flat portion of approach) for residential and 30 feet for commercial
  • Maximum of 30 feet wide throat for residential and 40' for commercial
  • Total throat width for all approaches (existing and proposed) will not to exceed 50% of total frontage

One of the following standard plans can be used:

In a subdivision, the location and width of the approach must be consistent with that shown on the lot plan prepared by the Design Engineer. Changes to the location and width may require engineering calculations to ensure that the swales have adequate capacity to treat and store stormwater.

Application Materials

You may apply for a driveway approach permit through the online portal. You can also download and submit the Approach Permit Application (PDF).

Fee payment

Identify fees that need to be paid when application is submitted; view current permit fees (PDF). Payments can be made by credit card or check. There is a 2.5% credit card/online convenience fee. Fees must be paid prior to application being processed.

Mail or walk the application and fees to the:
Spokane Valley City Hall
10210 E. Sprague Avenue
Spokane Valley, WA 99206.

Email materials to the Permit Center and call 509-720-5240 regarding fee payment.