Citizen Complaint

Filing a Complaint

The City of Spokane Valley takes very seriously all complaints regarding personal safety reporting, the services provided by the Spokane Valley Police Department, and the conduct of its members. It is equally important that the community feel secure in reporting misconduct without concern for reprisal or retaliation.

Police Department Services Provided Complaints

Should you have an unfortunate experience with service provided by our Police Department such as, officers didn't respond, you are unable to make contact with someone, or you felt as though your issues aren't being addressed.  We encourage you to use the City's web-and app-based service SVexpress to report your concern or call the City Hall directly (509) 720-5000.  

Reporting a Concern

You can also submit a request for service such as reporting a downed street sign, pothole, or graffiti through SVexpress 24/7, and it will be processed during regular business hours. With your help, we can work together to ensure you are getting the services you deserve and that our city streets, pathways, and parks are clean and safe.

Filing a Complaint Against an Officer

Our Officers are held to a high standard and must act with the utmost tact and diplomacy.  The goal of our Police Department is to handle every situation in a fair and impartial manner, not only in compliance with all legal and moral standards, but also to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Personnel complaints consist of any allegation of misconduct or improper job performance.  In keeping with policy and protocol should you have a regrettable experience with an Officer, we ask that you contact the Spokane County Sheriff to file your complaint.