Ridgemont Estates Stormwater Improvements Project

Map of Ridgemont Estates project areaThe city is evaluating potential road and stormwater improvements in the Ridgemont Estates area. The project will first complete a topographic survey and geotechnical investigations. Geotechnical investigations will include the installation of groundwater monitoring wells at locations outside the roadway. Wells will remain in place until September 2024 to evaluate seasonal groundwater variations.

Anticipated timeframe for fieldwork:

  • Land Surveying Activity: October 2023
  • Geotechnical Activity: October 2023
  • In-place Monitoring Equipment: October 2023 - September 2024

The goal of the project is to identify the needed improvements for a sustainable stormwater system and street pavement design. Private lanes and county roads are excluded from the proposed improvements. 

To learn more about pavement condition, visit the city's pavement management page. 

Map showing pavement condition index of Ridgemont Estates

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