Spokane Valley Tax Rates

Retail Sales Tax

The retail sales tax that is collected on transactions within the city of Spokane Valley is 8.9%, effective April 1, 2019.  The retailer forwards that sales tax to the Washington State Department of Revenue, which then distributes the taxes to the various agencies that have imposed them.

This is how that tax is allocated:

  • State of Washington: 6.50%
  • City of Spokane Valley: 0.85%
  • Spokane County: 0.15%
  • Criminal Justice (Spokane Valley receives a portion of this tax): 0.10%
  • Spokane Public Facilities District (v): 0.10%
  • Spokane Transit Authority (v): 0.80%
  • Public Safety (Spokane Valley receives a portion of this tax) (v): 0.10%
  • Juvenile Jail (v): 0.10%
  • Mental Health (v): 0.10%
  • Law Enforcement Communications (v): 0.10%

(v) - voter-approved

Washington Combined Excise Tax

When you file a Washington Combined Excise Tax Return for retail sales transacted within the City's boundaries, use the City's 4-digit location code 3213 in Section III of the return form.  The Spokane Valley local rate, effective April 1, 2019, is 2.4%, which reflects the combined total of the local jurisdictions as listed above.

It is important to accurately record your sales tax collections so the appropriate sales taxes are allocated to help provide City services. If you have miscoded your rate on a previous return, or have questions, please contact us at 509-720-5041.

Gambling Tax Rates

Gambling tax rates vary - see Spokane Valley Municipal Code 3.25.

Property Tax

Property tax rates vary by tax district. Contact the Spokane County Assessor's office can help you determine your tax district and the applicable property tax rates. You can call them direct at 509-477-3698.

Telephone Utility Tax

A utility tax is assessed upon every person or business engaged in or carrying on any telephone business (including cellular telephone service and pager service) within the City.  Please use the Telephone Tax Information Form to register your business.

This tax is equal to 6% of the total gross income from such business in the City, subject to certain limited exclusions.

This telephone utility tax imposed shall be collected, reported, and remitted to the City monthly on or before the last day of the subsequent month. Monthly remittance shall be accompanied by a Telephone Utility Tax Return.